Parker Ainsworth

“Parker Ainsworth has the voice of a man who's lived many lives in one lifetime. He’s a mystic wandering bard…you can hear the Texan smoke in his voice and his fingerpicking should be studied. He’s a painter with words and his palette is plentiful. I was a fan in an instant.” ~ NohoArtsDistrict 

Born and raised in Austin, Texas but moved to the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, Parker Ainsworth made quakes this year with the release of “What makes a House a Home” in the critically acclaimed film The Peanut Butter Falcon starring Shia Labouf and Dakota Johnson.  He won the LEAF songwriter contest in Asheville NC, and is touring this fall with his upcoming album “Running for so Long.”

Courtney Barriger

"A mind-bogglingly multifaceted artist," - LA TIMES - Courtney Barriger has turned her cosmic tending mind towards fashion sustainability and feminine spirituality. Winner of America’s It Girl and award winning writer - she is an accomplished author, a painter, and a performing artist in photography and acting. 

Raised in N.E. Florida and now living in Joshua Tree, this year she is releasing two highly anticipated books The Royal Robe and E.S.Now, which will be available in The Tate Modern and British Museum this summer. You can find her on the podcast on Eco Fashion, E.S.Now online, and can buy art prints by visiting her website. Book Courtney now as an expert on sustainable fashion and for photoshoots.”

Holding Court

An eco-ethical apparel line based in Southern California, and yet it is so much more. Holding Court has three underlying principles that divides it’s mantra into three parts: Giving Sustainably, Taking Sustainably and Telling Sustainable Stories.

This year they are releasing their flagship basics collection that will be available in stores and online. Every part of it is climate crisis oriented, down to the threads. Even more excitedly, they are partnering with The 14th Factory in London to premiere their children’s book on sustainable fashion “The Royal Robe” in The Tate Modern and British Museums. Their project E.S.Now is releasing both a book and a podcast. Keep your eyes open for this one!


A course study in Environmental Style - E.S.NOW - is an advanced hub for the real story of fast-fashion, the A-to-Z of fashion and environmental change. We give you visiting lectures, in-depth interviews in the form of E.S.NOW the A-Z Book and Eco Style The Podcast, with NGO’s like Lonely Whale, and environmental advocates like Extinction Rebellion. Paired with over 250 databases of research on eco fashion, we let you in on the global impact of what you wear.

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Blackchalk Magazine

The name “BLACK CHALK” invokes mystery, intrigue and glamor all by itself – and by adding gorgeous images and compelling editorials that our team is known for, we will soon help it evoke even more. 

The name “BLACK CHALK” invokes mystery, intrigue and glamor all by itself – and by adding gorgeous images and compelling editorials that our team is known for, we will soon help it evoke even more. Drawing from the best of pop-culture and dedicated to exploring all things indie, Black Chalk Magazine, will provide compelling content which no reader will want to miss. We want you to see BLACK CHALK as a doyenne of all things beautiful through well-produced online editorials, the introduction of our favorites – new fashion brands, exotic locations. Nothing that is good and inspiring will be overlooked. While fashion and the exotic are the core of BLACK CHALK, whatever attracts and inspires BLACK CHALK’s editors will be included, so that this site reflects a true “BLACK CHALK Lifestyle” – sophisticated, inspiring, fascinating, with a touch of the forbidden. All of the mysterious arts of contemporary life will be shared with avid readers who want to bring that BLACK CHALK element into their own lives – while never sacrificing their own unique individuality to anyone sense of style. ”